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Director of Boilers Government of Gujarat

About Directorate of Boilers

Directorate of Boilers is working under the administrative control of the Commissioner of Labour, Gujarat State. The prime function of the Directorate of Boilers is to prevent Boiler accident/explosions during use and to protect life and property from danger of Boiler by the effective implementation of Boiler laws with a view to ensure safe working of Boilers. Thus, Directorate of Boilers to promote the safety of Boilers, Inspection technology and provide complete awarness of the Boiler management system. Vigorous inspections and follow up actions by the Directorate officers enhanced status of safety have been achieved. As Comparing with previous three years it is noticed that there is no any fatal accidents occured in Boilers in the state. Also Directorate of Boilers conduct Boiler Operation Engineers' and Boiler Competancy Examination by the Boiler Examination Board to maintain industrial safety goals by providing skilled, competent manpowers, and to promote steam plant operative personnel working in industries for their development.

Director of Boilers, Gujarat State, working as a verious roles as a head of Boiler Wing in the state as well as Boiler Registering Authority, as a Appellate authority, as a Inspecting Authority, as a Competent Authority, as a Technical member of Central Boilers Board and Chairman of Boiler Examination Board of the Gujarat State etc.

The Directorate of Boilers has taken many positive initiatives for Boiler owners. Like

  • As per The Boiler (amendement) Act-2007, Boiler users have been given options to choose for Inspection & Certification of Boilers and Boiler components during manufacturing, Erection and use by the Competent Person of Third Party Inspection Authority other than state Directorate of Boilers.
  • Moreover, Industries can take the benefits of Government's Self- Certification cum Consolidated Annual Report Scheme, which was introduced under the liberal policy of Government. This scheme is optional.
  • Option of Third Party Inspection Agency recognised by the State Government.
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