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Director of Boilers Government of Gujarat

Government Resolution & Notifications

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1 31/08/2007 GR-2007-73-IBA-1099-1895-(I)- M(3) Fees for approval and renewal of Firm as a Manufacturer/ Erector/Repairer/Fabricator/Material Testing Laboratory GR-2007-73-IBA-1099-1895.pdf (1 MB)
2 31/05/2016 MIS/132015/200415(1)/M (3) Third Party (Competent Person) Inspection Scheme for Boilers/Economisers in the State of Gujarat Third-Party-Competent-Person-Inspection-Scheme.pdf (224 KB)
3 19/02/2007 KHR/2007/14/IBA/2005/CM.13/M(3) Rules and Order (Other than those published in.Part I, I-A and I-L),made by the Government of Gujara Rules___Order.pdf (1 MB)
4 03/09/2017 Mis/132017/147067/M-3 Revision in Resolution pertaining to form state analysis and intelligence unit (SAIU) for joint online inspection under various Labour Laws and online applications under Ease of Doing Business. OnlineMandat.pdf (64 KB)
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